Exposure to COVID-19 is an inherent risk in any public place where people are present. Disturbia Haunted House has implemented changes this year using guidance outlined by the CDC and has worked with other companies to implement additional health precautions.

Limited Capacity

The 2020 Season will be online ticketing only.  There is a limited amount of tickets each night.  Guests can select their date and time when they purchase tickets and enter the haunted house with only their group.

Outdoor Line

Disturbia Haunted House features installed signage, an outdoor line, and outdoor entertainment to encourage social distancing. 
To enter this line, guests must show up at the date and time as designated by their selected tickets. All tickets must be printed or on a mobile device.
Tickets are available digitally only at

Face Coverings

Employees and guests are required to cover their mouth and nose with a face mask as recommended by the CDC at all times.

Cleaning & Sanitization

Please wash hands before arriving to the attraction. Hand sanitization stations will be available. All guests will sanitize their hands at the sanitation station at the door before entering the haunted house. If requested, disposable gloves will be provided for guests with allergies to hand sanitizer.
Disturbia Haunted House will be cleaned and disinfected each day and throughout the night. High touch areas such as vortex rails will be sanitized after each group.  Inside the haunted house, further modifications have been made to enhance safety and hygiene.

Temperature Screening

Per CDC Guidelines, all employees and guests will be required to pass a temperature check and be below 100.4˚F to enter.

Employee Health Training

Before an employee starts their shift, they will need to pass both a temperature check and a COVID-19 questionnaire screening.
If an employee is not feeling well, we will require them to stay at home.
All employees will receive COVID-19 training.  Training will include our new health guidelines and how to provide our guests with a safe scare.