Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is Disturbia, how much does it cost, and how do I get there?
A. See website for complete details
Q. What is the best time to arrive?
A. A little before or as close to our start time as possible.
Q. Where do you park and how much is it?
A. Free public parking lots all available
Q. Is it scary?
A. Disturbia Haunted Attraction is one of the top rated haunted attractions in the Midwest. The Attractions will be sure to cover all of your worst nightmares and you will scream!
Q. But is it really scary?
A. Let’s face it, you play a role in how scared you get. If you come to have a good time and enjoy yourself, the more you’ll enjoy our haunt (or anything else for that matter). We provide the most terrifying haunted attraction in Illinois with a great variety of scares. We have had people, including many adults, that left through emergency exits and refused to finish and others who run through screaming and laughing the whole way through. After all, that’s what we are here for…scaring people while having fun!
Q. Is Disturbia open in INCLEMENT WEATHER?
A. Rain or Shine we will be open. During extreme Rain storms we will still be OPEN and covered waiting will be provided.
Q. Does Disturbia have Security?
A. Yes, the attraction area is patrolled by uniformed & plain clothed Security. We have a Zero Tolerance rate for trouble makers. Trouble Makers will be ejected without refund. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time!
Q. Food? Is there someplace to buy food?
A. Yes. A concession stand with a wide variety of food and drinks is available!
Q. Are there things I am NOT ALLOWED to bring to Disturbia?
A. Yes. No Pets, no costumes unless cleared with us first, no masks, no outside food or drink of any kind, no weapons of any kind.
Q. Will the monsters touch me?
A. Our monsters are not allowed to touch you. Of course, in the darker areas, something may accidentally bump into you but our monsters will never grab you. Sometimes you may be grabbed by someone in your group who is too scared or trying to scare you even more!
Q. Can I bring my kids?
A. Yes! It is up to the parent’s discretion to decide if the child can attend. You know your child best. Some aspects of our haunted house are extremely intense so we recommend children 13 years or older but this is up to you. We do NOT offer children’s prices. You will NOT be allowed to carry any child while inside of the attraction for both your safety and the child’s.
Q. How can I get more information?
A. If you have a question that was not answered here, Contact Us at 630-896-2466 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.